Sunday, January 30, 2005

First Stop- Gaming Club Poker

The Gaming Club is the first stop because it offers the biggest bonus on your play. You can get a $300 bonus on your initial deposit, regardless of the size of the deposit. I would suggest using $200, though their minimum deposit is $20. Why should you deposit more than $20 then? Simply because you have to play poker to clear the bonus, and by just depositing $20 you are running a very high risk of not having enough to play for awhile. You can play your best poker and still lose sometimes, and $20 just does not give you much margin for error. But hey, it is your money, do as you wish :). Just click here and sign up to play. There is no bonus code needed. The bonus is dispersed into your account in $20 increments as you earn BRPs. BRPs are awarded to your account each time you play a hand. All you gotta do is play poker, and the bonus will be credited to your account. Please note that you will only be able to clear $80 of this bonus at the $.50- $1.00 and $1-$2 levels. The rest must be cleared at $2-$4 and higher. So, if you like playing low stakes, clear $80 of the bonus and come back and clear the rest later when your bankroll is bigger and you have some more experience under your belt. Again, click here to get started.